MAF Test validation in a second retrospectively analyzed prospectively randomized clinical trial (NSABP B34) data were presented at ASCO 20

The co-founder of Inbiomotion (Dr. Roger Gomis) and part of the team have published the results that validated MAF test ability to identify breast cancer patients that benefit from the use of bisphosphonate in adjuvancy in a second retrospective analysis of a prospective randomized clinical trial; NSABP-B34 (NCT00009945). (Paterson et al., J Clin Oncology, 2020; doi: 10.1200/JCO.2020.38.15_suppl.513). The results were presented at the ASCO meeting 2020 (Abstract #513).

The authors validated the previously published hypothesis-generating MAF test results as a potential companion diagnostic for the use of bisphosphonates in adjuvant breast cancer treatment. Notably, these results are evidence towards introducing MAF testing into clinical practice.